About us

UEX is a Venture Builder focused on applications and platforms based business, we invest and support entrepreneurs who want to launch a startup or want to innovate in established businesses through digital transformation and open innovation.

How do we do?

Fundamental Analysis

1. Fundamental Analysis:
We make a preliminary analysis of your idea or business, observing scenarios, market and the entrepreneur's ability to deliver, at the end we deliver a map containing:
• our market vision under your idea;
• technical effort for development forecast
• operational and commercial effort forecast
• our final analysis of your business viability

2. Discovery & Research:
If your business already has this material, we will just validate and suggest improvements, otherwise we will carry out the discovery and concept validation work, including surveys, consumer interviews and prototyping.

Discovery & Search
Discovery & Search

2. Discovery & Search:
If your business already has this survey, we will only validate and suggest improvements, otherwise we will carry out the work of discovery and concept validation, including surveys, interviews with consumers and prototyping.

Development of the MVP

3. MVP development:
We will develop the project for the quick launch of the MVP, early validating the idea and looking for strategies to profit in the shortest time possible, reducing risks and increasing the attractiveness of the business.

What do we look for in our projects?

UEX is exclusively focused on software development and operation support, which includes CS/CX and infrastructure. That's why we like businesses where the creator is an active part of the project, leading and taking responsibility for the execution of strategies:
• Creators committed to the result;
• Businesses based on platforms and applications;
• Socioeconomic impact Ideas;
• Scalable and sustainable projects.

Bring your project to UEX
Our team is f... great

Our team is f... great

What if all our collaborators were entrepreneurs and our partners?
From this idea, which for many is a utopia, UEX was founded and since the beginning of our history we have built a culture of development and training in our biggest strength: people!
We have, seek and train the best professionals in the market, who in addition to all technical competence, have an entrepreneurial vision and give their best every day. We value commitment, transparency, respect, agility and resilience. Our model is a nerdy, lean, aligned team that works in synergy.

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